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Introduction to the School of Humanities, Law and Art

School of Humanities ,Law and Art is officially inaugurated in 2010 after Jiangsu Polytechnic University renames itself Changzhou University. Its precursor is the Department of Law and Politics in 2003 and School of Law and Public Management in 2007. The foundation of the school is considered a milestone regarding the rapid development of the liberal arts and social science in the university, and therefore offers opportunities to the in-depth construction of relative disciplines. This leap is also an indispensable part of the common target to build up CCZU (shortened for Changzhou University) into a comprehensive university.
The school features two essential rules: to emphasize the combination of teaching and practice ; to foster compound and applicational talents. There are four disciplines now, to wit, Law, Social Work, Art Design and Industrial Design. They cover law and arts, specializing in the personality education and quality development. The ultimate goal is to cultivate students of solid basic knowledge, practical skills and versatile social capabilities.
The Department of Social Science takes on the responsibilities of ideological and political teaching in the university. In education, the faculty concentrates on the association of theory and practice to promote their teaching and research ability. Marxist Philosophy is awarded the Excellent Course at the provincial level by the education committee together with China Sino-pec Corporation. Fundamentals of Law is Excellent Course at university level while Deng Xiao-ping Theory is in construction for the same title.
Now the school has a staff of 72, of whom 7 are professors, 23 are associate professors. 14 teachers possess or going to obtain PhDs. Faculty with master degree or PhD is about 90% of all the teachers. With persistence in the Party and Administration Co-responsibility System, a creative and harmonious leadership is founded. The school takes the teaching quality as first priority, and aims to build applicational teaching staff to foster students needed and welcomed by their future employers. As a result, now the graduates enjoy stable employment rate. In the process of approaching teaching and researching centered universities, the school lays great emphasis on scientific research. Recently, the number of published papers in the important and key journals among all schools of arts ranks in the first group, which, subsequently, contributes considerably to the construction of disciplines and enhancement of teaching quality. Currently, the school focuses on the development of researching team and firmly believes it could be a source of energy for the future research work.
Supporting facilities for disciplines and scientific research are complete for the school. Institute of Science and Society, Institute of Environmental and Economic Law, Laboratory Center for Arts, Library Reference Room, and Electronic Reading Room are among them.
The school motto is “Realism”, which means being practical and realistic. In harmony with the university motto “Responsibility”, the school is now creating an atmosphere of “Strong Sense of responsibility, Realism, Preciseness and Pursuit of Excellence” to make further achievements.